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Marketus is a Cloud-based SaaS.

It can be accessed through an internet browser, so it doesn't matter which Operating System is used.

An all in one platform

New features added on a regular basis

Central dashboard
For all of your lead generation and outreach operations, we deliver 9 products bundled into a single dashboard.
Public roadmap
View the upcoming features and make suggestions for additional improvements and updates. Join us on our ride across the roadmap.
Analytics ready
Analyze the results of the outreach efforts to make improvements using a data-driven approach.

We have an in-built CRM with lead scoring features that allows you to monitor leads' actions and detect early-stage buying signals.
Customer portal
Have questions? We're happy to help. We offer 24*7 email and chat support.

Improved security
Your customers privacy is our priority.Top security standards are implemented on all levels ― all data is stored in maximum-security data centers.

Cloud delivery

Marketus is a cloud-based SaaS. It can be accessed from an internet browser, so it makes no difference which Operating System is used. The protection of our clients is of the utmost importance to us. In all stages, the highest security requirements are applied, and all data is stored in high-security data centres.

Close rates are incredible when data is accurate

Marketus is the ideal lead generation tool for businesses selling globally. Marketus was created to address data quality problems that are costing sales and marketing teams a lot of money. With 15M+ company profiles, 575M+ local business profiles, and much more, we guarantee 95 percent data accuracy.

Marketus CRM

Marketus CRM allows you to manage all leads and track multiple behaviors across various customer touch points. Identify early-stage buying signals from leads by tracking their behavior towards your organization. Mark positive behaviors with a higher lead score, and make sure your sales team prioritizes following up active and qualified leads. Close 10X more deals with us.

CCPA and GDPR GDPR compliance

Prospect in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. For complete peace of mind, Marketus is CCPA and GDPR compliant.

Consumer Api

Integration channels

Lead generation and sales engagement is the main driver of business growth no matter what industry you operate in. While Marketus takes care of your lead generation, prospecting, outreach, and marketing, the integrations via API/Webhooks connect the dots between software ecosystems keeping everything updated and synchronized.

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