Marketus CRM & Email Marketing Automation

A completely new way to enrich, score, and outreach.

Connect your SMTP

Use your own SMTP server, link it to the platform, and begin sending emails without restriction.

Use HTML Or Plain Text

Import a well-designed HTML template or create a simple text email to send to your target audience.

Import Contacts

Import your contact list as a CSV file, or build several lists to launch multiple campaigns.

Keep track of statistics

Track the number of emails received, opens, and clicks from each campaign to see which one does the best.

Email Marketing Automation

Send newsletter or sequence emails with automatic follow-ups using our email marketing automations and track opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe, replies, and turn prospects into your customers.

Set Up Personalized Workflows

Send unlimited email sequences to your targeted lists of prospects and personalize every aspect of your cold email outreach. Use image personalization or advance macro tags and use our proven 100+ cold email templates redacted for you in 30+ languages.

Marketus CRM

Marketus CRM allows you to manage all leads and track multiple behaviors across various customer touch points. Identify early-stage buying signals from leads by tracking their behavior towards your organization. Mark positive behaviors with a higher lead score, and make sure your sales team prioritizes following up active and qualified leads. Close 10X more deals with us.

  1. 3 days ago Alex opened the email from the campaign: Demo
  2. 1 day ago Alex opened the email from the campaign: Demo
  3. 5 minutes ago Alex visited the website from the campaign: Demo
  4. 2 minutes ago Alex replied the email from the campaign: Demo

Track Your Customers

Using Marketus built-in email marketing automation software and a CRM with advanced behavior monitoring, you can watch consumer behaviors through various consumer touchpoints and identify early-stage buying signals.

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If you need to extract B2B & B2C contacts, check the other features we offer

Data Enrichment

Enhance your current data with advanced data enrichment and bulk lookup.

Marketus CRM and Email Automations

Manage and track all leads, as well as send out personalised email and drip campaigns.

Domain Finder

From a list of business names, find company domains.

Email Finder

Find emails by company or URL and build laser targeted lists of prospects.

Grow your Business

Real-time lead intelligence solutions to turn leads into customers

Sell everywhere

Utilize Marketus to increase business efficiency and sell everywhere.

Smart pricing

Affordable pricing for teams of all sizes. Save 15% on signing up annually!

Secured payments

For security reasons, all our payments are powered by Stripe.

We got you covered

Every business matters, learn how we handle it.

Every business matters. We give you tools to succeed.

With 15M+ businesses and 575M+ local business accounts, as well as built-in email marketing application, a CRM with automated activity analysis, and many other tools for lead generation and management, we are on our way to being a leading lead intelligence solution.

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Seamless Workflows

Marketus Integrations

Lead generation and sales engagement is the main driver of business growth no matter what industry you operate in. While Marketus takes care of your lead generation, prospecting, outreach, and marketing, the integrations via API/Webhooks connect the dots between software ecosystems keeping everything updated and synchronized.

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Increased productivity by four times and scheduled demos by three times.
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Since we specialise in developing SMEs, Marketus' daily domain registrations are a goldmine for us.
Lois Ivan
It has delivered on all of its promises, as well as a few extras. It's a must for anybody who uses email as a lead generation tool.
Michael Roger
If you're on a tight budget, this is a decent ZoomInfo alternative that doesn't need an annual commitment.
Malcolm Dean
Marketus' lead enrichment has improved the precision of our CRM data and improved the sales department's efficiency.
Anthony Carl
We've increased our pipeline by over 34 percent thanks to Marketus. It's a good alternative to and similar solutions.

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