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We are a young company but we grew fast, thanks to the support of all our valuable cutomers.

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Every business matters, learn how we handle it.

A Word from our CEO

We are on our way to being a leading lead intelligence solution, with 15M+ B2B companies and 575M+ B2C local businesses, as well as built-in email marketing automation software and a CRM with advanced behaviour monitoring and several other applications.

Marketus will help you generate leads, then enrich and outreach them, and finally simplify the sales process. Marketus CRM allows you to monitor various customer behaviours through multiple touchpoints. You can detect early-stage buying signals by tracking consumer actions toward your product or service. Mark positive behaviours with a higher lead ranking and close 10X more deals.

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Our Story

Marketus was created to help marketing professionals, sales reps, recruiters, event organisers, and startup CEOs with lead generation and outreach operations, as well as automating the sales process. We aimed to develop an all-in-one solution for lead generation, inside sales, and marketing.

Our Product

Our product includes multiple lead generation and outreach tools that you can use to grow your company like data enrichment, email finder, local businesses extractor, email scraping, email automation, CRM with multiple behaviors tracking and more.

Our Vision

Data-driven solutions businesses rely on to hit their number and Marketus provides all the tools with unlimited access to make it happen.

How We Work

Everything is about freedom, and that is exactly why we give a chance to try all the features for free. Discover our premium features for 14 days, absolutely free.

24/7 Support

You can reach out to our 24*7 support for any help. We provide email, live chat and one on one demo while setting up and onboarding.

99.99% Availability

More than 80% of companies today demand a 99% uptime guarantee from their cloud service providers. Marketus has consistently maintained a 99.99% percent uptime average.

Training sessions

Within the product, you'll find all of our training materials. You can also receive training from one of our product consultants, as we provide customized strategies to meet the demands of each client.

Let's work Together

We work with companies all over the world. Join the experience and become one of our valuable partners.
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Just take a look at what our clients say about us. We thank them a lot for top ranking us and for using our solutions.
Diana Glen
Increased productivity by four times and scheduled demos by three times.
Heather Arthur
Since we specialise in developing SMEs, Marketus' daily domain registrations are a goldmine for us.
Lois Ivan
It has delivered on all of its promises, as well as a few extras. It's a must for anybody who uses email as a lead generation tool.
Michael Roger
If you're on a tight budget, this is a decent ZoomInfo alternative that doesn't need an annual commitment.
Malcolm Dean
Marketus' lead enrichment has improved the precision of our CRM data and improved the sales department's efficiency.
Anthony Carl
We've increased our pipeline by over 34 percent thanks to Marketus. It's a good alternative to hunter.io and similar solutions.

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Everything is about Freedom, and that is exactly what we are giving you, try all the features for Free. Discover our premium features for 14 days, absolutely free.